Tuesday, September 1, 2009

4 months of silence = random thoughts

A lot can happen in four months.

A lot of heartache.
New friendships.
Strengthening family bonds.

And letting go of things that have become troublesome and poisonous in my life.

I think I'm finally in a good place to start putting myself out here again.
It's funny if you think about it... how even though your life is a mess, the world goes on around you. No, I don't think the world should revolve around me... just sometimes the simplest thoughts can be mind provoking and amusing to ponder.

I haven't scrapped since Christine announced she was selling TallyScrapper. It was like a bad omen or something because that's when life here on the home-front kind of took a landslide. I've been climbing back up the mountain though, getting my footing. I'm ready to pull out my glue, put in a missing ink cartridge in my printer, scrape off the dust on my desk, print some photos, and start scrapping again.

My oldest DD started 7th grade last week. She's in her second year of band. Has the whole world ahead of her, and all of a sudden, I'm feeling like if I blink, she'll be headed off to college! Time flies. Her BFF's mom had to move this weekend, so we went over there all day Saturday and helped them out. She is such a good friend.

Tomorrow is Doug's 36th birthday. We have to run out tonight after School and figure out what his gift will be. Any suggestions?

Doug and I have been playing this game on facecrack called Gear Quest. One sweet game. We're also officers in the guild called Lords of Light. If you play the game, and are not in a guild, come check us out. There is also a forum dedicated to the guild. Fun stuff.

It feels nice to finally be updating here again. The only thing missing is some photos. TTFN!

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  1. damn girl. sorry you got stuck in a pile of glue dots and so happy you found the undue.

    you know what's nice is when kids are back in school and there's a schedule again.

    happy birthday to doug, what about an electronic photo keychain thingy?

  2. Leachy, SOOOO good to see you back! I put you on my follower list just hoping you would come back from the dead eventually. Hope that things at home are evening out and that you feel marvelous!

  3. I'm SO glad to see you back!!

  4. Missed you much!! I haven't been scrappin much either, and my printer needs 2 new cartridges! lol I think the same sort of evil elves managed to visit both of us over the summer. Here's to kickin their asses to the curb! lol

  5. welcome back to the world :) i missed ya!
    glad that things are sorting themselves out girly

  6. So good to see you back on Willow Traders and in the blog groove again.... I missed you and reading your blog!

  7. Good to see you again Leah!

  8. I'm so glad to see you back around, I've missed ya...sometimes its good to just take a breather and figure out things...I've had to do the same....Love ya girl :)

  9. Hi, I saw your comment somewhere today and I came over because I LOVED your little picture in the comment box! That is ADORABLE! Hope you find a perfect birthday present!

  10. I am SOO HAPPY you are back!missed u lots girl!!xoxxoo don't leave me for that long again!!!

    enough said

    lovers u!xoxoxo


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