Saturday, February 7, 2009

trust issues

So, we've been allowing Katelyn to have an internet persona.

We've helped her create an account online that we're apart of. We've allowed her access to things like because music is becoming a big part of her life. In all this, we have been using family safety from - we can block or allow a lot of things from downloading to seeing photos on websites. Her computer is in the front room with mine and Doug's. We can look over at anytime and see where she's at online. I mean, the child is 5 feet away from both of us.

Today, we log into family safety to allow something she's asked for, and notice other things she's been up to. She's downloaded and installed limeware. We just had a discussion about how risky that program is, and why it's not allowed a couple weeks ago when her best friend spent the night. She had created a myspace account, which she knows is not allowed. She's just being plain sneaky and hiding things from us. Right now I'm not mad at her, I'm hurt because we placed our trust in her, and she abused it. sigh. It really sucks not being able to trust her.

Doug is cleaning up her computer right now. For sure they will be time off the computer for her lying and hiding stuff. I think a certain amount of time allowed on the computer a day will be enforced.... sigh sigh sigh I'm also quite upset with myself for not having checked the family safety site just to "check up" on her. I feel like a crappy parent right about now.

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  1. Don't beat yourself up. She's just testing her boundrays. We all did it. You are clearly being cautious and trying to allow her access without alowing her to get into things she shouldn't be into.

    It sounds like you are doing just great XXX

  2. Leah, don't beat yourself up over this. Unfortunately, this generation of children all try these things. They just try to push the boundaries to see how much they can bend. Hang in there and stay strong on your polcies. You're handling things quite beautifully!!! HUGS!

  3. What is family safety? Sounds like something that I probably need.


  4. you are NOT a crappy parent! you can't watch her 24/7 and once you discovered it you took action. You had a good system in place, and like all kids, she found a way around it.

    Take a deep breath, enforce your punishment, and realize that this is something all parents go through, whether they know it or not!


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