Monday, January 26, 2009

weekends over huh?

Too bad really. For weekends, this was a really nice one. We shut off our phone, spent time with the kids, lounging in bed with the hubby, watching movies together... scrubbing the kitchen floor, the wall near the trash can, the kitchen door, scrubbing around the molding and all the nooks in crannies.. ok, so even though I hated the last part, I'm glad it's done. Something about doing that makes the kitchen feel nicer, yanno?

Miss Bella Ooxie has been naughty lately... chewing up Samantha's barbies. Not the whole Barbie. No. Ooxie has specific taste when it comes to chewing on Barb's bod. It's called her feet. WTH? So, we've been encouraging Samantha to keep her barbies in the dollhouse when she's not playing with them. Sometimes we don't get them all put away... then BAM, Ooxie is on them like a fly on.. well, you know. At this rate, I think Samantha will need more Barbies by March. Mattel should like us at any rate.

I haven't touched scrappy supplies in several days so I cranked out my art journal card. IF you haven't joined in anything like this.. you should, it's very therapeutic.. fun to get all messy and creative with your supplies. This weeks letter is B, the word is BECAUSE.

(click on it to see it larger)
Oh, and Doug. Thank you for the watercolor pencils.. I love them!!

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  1. This is stunning, Leah!! I love the masking!

  2. hey there,
    just wanted to say hi and introduce myself. I'm Danielle and congrats on making the DT! I'm super excited to get started and have some fun with you all!
    Have asuper day!

  3. I LOVE this journal page..The water colors are beautiful..BECAUSE YOU ARE WORTH this Leah..I love ya!

  4. you did a great job!! I agree, i love the masking.. great job :)


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