Thursday, January 22, 2009

Interview with Melissa

Melissa was never highlighted during her design team term....that makes me sad, so I wanted to show off her interview here. She's warm, funny, and so easy to talk with. I was looking in your gallery more closely, and right off the bat, I believe you and Minda are kindred when it comes to the written word = journaling. LOVE all your wordy layouts.. so refreshing to see! I don't even know what Cavil means... I need to look it up. What's that fav curse word? huh?

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What do you and one other TallyScrapper have in common? Who is that Tally Scrapper? Minda said we have a lot in common in a comment on one of my layouts, but didn’t say what. Christi and I are both addicted to coffee. Leah and I have both found unique ways (accidentally) to use scrapbooking items (not elaborating on either method though) Sorry. That was more than one……

What sound or noise do you love? Nature noises. Animals, water, breeze, crickets, birds….. I’m pretty much easy to please on that one. hate? Potato chip bags when someone puts there hand in one. Can’t stand it. If you do it in front of me, I will take the bag and dump the chips into a bowl.

What are you embarrassed to admit you like? I can’t believe I’m confessing this? Bee Gees, Barry Manilow and Neil Diamond. I have a big collection of 80’s music. I still like 80’s fashion. I think Barry Manilow is sexy.

Do you have any collections? Pigs, printer trays, coffee themed stuff, funky earrings, Wizard of Oz, Vintage Coca-Cola Stuff, logoed pens, serving dishes and books. My prized book in the collection is a first printing, first edition of To Kill a Mockingbird.

What is your favorite color? Pink. I look forward to Breast Cancer Awareness Month so I can buy more pink stuff. The best part is my purchases are also for a good cause.

What was the one thing/ or person that influenced you to want to scrap or make cards? There are so many photos in the family collection that we can’t identify. Years from now I want people to know who was in the photos and know about the person.

Is there anything you've lost and still miss? My high school yearbooks. I was editor my senior year. I had a basement flood and they were destroyed.

What is your favorite word? I love words and like to read the dictionary. My favorite word is cavil. It has been for a long time.

Do you have a household brand you are very loyal to? Hubby is very loyal to Coca-Cola. I’m a root beer drinker and it has to be in a glass bottle. Beyond that, I’m loyal to organic over brand name.

Name a food in your house you never run out of. Drinks mainly. Coffee, Coke and root beer. I also always seem to have cereal and Fruit. I love fruit!

What is your favorite curse word? I can’t tell you that here.

Name something you take with you wherever you go. My camera and pens.

What is your favorite movie? I prefer the book to the movie. There are a FEW times I think they did a good job on the movie. Fave movies though would be Wizard of Oz, Christmas movies, Disney and other animated movies and anything with John Travolta or Sam Elliot. Those are good on hotness factor alone.

What is your favorite organization tip? I keep all of my stamps and ribbons in CD cases. Everything in my scraproom is labeled and visible. If it’s not, I forget I have it.

Any hobbies other than scrap booking? Reading, genealogy, photography and cooking. I do the genealogy for a living but it’s sort of like a hobby I get paid for.

What is one thing you wish you could throw away? Soup. I don’t like anything about soup. Hubby eats it and I do when I’m sick. I view it like my mother views castor oil.

What is something you sleep with every night? Hubby and three pillows.

What do you hate to clean? The house. I really do. I like doing dishes though.

What do you hide when people visit? Hubby’s tools. It’s been worse since he started his own business.

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  1. Melissa the Bee G's bwaa!!your DH is very smart Coke Addicts here too :) and i am sad that you and i don't have something in common :( love all your work girl and glad to know you better :) hugs xoxox

  2. great interview Melissa. LOL at the Bee Gees but I do like the 80's music too!!

  3. I {{heart}} you girl...Great interview and your DH and I are the same....we both love Coke Cola in a glass....heehee ;)

  4. Lol, who doesn't like SOUP?!! You're so crazy, girl, this interview cracked me up! :)


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