Monday, January 19, 2009

Crikey... gimme some tally rope please!!

I am completely, totally, JONESIN for some Tally time!!
Woke up this morning to no TallyScrapper. I thought I would be able to just pass the day quietly playing mob wars on facebook. No can do. I miss seeing the layouts, pointing them, catching up on the message board.. eeks!! Come on GoDaddy.. get your shit together and give us back our website!

I might as well blog, right?
I am uploading my photos from the last 12 days for my photo a day.
I've only missed 2 out of 18.. pretty good for me!
Check out my lil drama queen.
I don't remember what she was upset about.. but this face was priceless. She's actually the child that will cry boohoohooohoohoooooo. ;)
I also had time to scrap earlier this morning. LOVE the graphic45 paper from January's Tallyscrapper kit. yum.
A moment in time
Have a happy day... and please send SNOW to Roanoke!!
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  1. love the layout!!! and that pic IS priceless..poor little one!

  2. well since Tally is down my wells check out some blogs!sucks doesnt' :( hopefully tomorrow it will be up and running no fun w/out it..anywhoo glad you FINALLY updated your blog!!!!love the picture of Sam too and the layouts FABOlouS girl love the hair one of Cam!!cracks me up!


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