Thursday, October 2, 2008

so, I'm torn

I absolutely LOVE halloween, yet I want to support breast cancer awareness. I'm thinking I'll switch over to the more halloweenie colors that I so love come the 15th or so. I think that's a good compromise. Silly.. I know.

I was playing around editing photos I took on Sept. 30th... actually found a couple decent ones of myself in the batch. With careful cropping that is. *lol* There are more in there I'll eventually use in a layout in the future. When I do, I'll edit them then. ;)

Just laid the kids down for a small nap. Don't think their quite ready for them to be completely done away with.... at least every day of the week. I need to hurry with this and grab a shower.
Oh yeah.. woohoo. I was one of the weiners (winners) over @ Tally for week one of Survivor challenges. This week the challenge was:

*use 3 photos
*must be 12x12
*must use stitching on the edge
*must paper piece your tree together
*title must include Life is beautiful
*journaling must be on a cloud
*use 2 photo corners

New life is beautiful
I really like how it came out. So many gorgeous entries in the gallery last week. This weeks is dealing with chipboard. I'll probably work on that tomorrow if I get my mojo pulled out from beneath the household chores. ;)

I'll leave you with some photos!
Can't stop now mom.. I have a bucket!

pizza CHEESE

you are SO cute little missus!

me 1

shall I eat it?
carrot from the garden.. their just not growing! lol

poor unsuspecting mini carrot

I know.. I should have warned you there were a lot of me in them! lol
in deep thought..


love you babe

get her! tickle tickle tickle!!!

we're cool


  1. love your blog and the photos!!!

  2. Leah, these photos are wonderful!!!!

  3. hey girl its renee, great photos! and love your blog! i added you to mine:0)

  4. ahh Leah, thanks for stopping by, I've missed you!! you look MARVELOUS DARLN'!!! xoxox

    awesome tree LO by the way!

  5. Love the photos, I want to come visit, so I can take some pics there the location!!!!! Awesome layout too!

  6. awesome pictures Leah love the one of you and Doug smooching!

  7. Oh, your pictures are just wonderful!! Love seeing you for a change....that last one of your girls is my fav, I think! And your Survivor layout totally rocked! I don't believe I saw all the layouts last week....I don't intend for that to happen this time!
    28 days until Halloween!! Whoot!

  8. LOVE those photos! You are beautiful girl!

  9. Oh my gosh! I love those photos! They are absolutely beautiful! I want your shed!

  10. Your photos are beautiful! I love them all!!!


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