Wednesday, October 1, 2008

congrats are in order!

WOOHOOO I tell ya, the choosing of the design team every three months @ Tally is always exciting.... here's our new WINTER DT!!!

4258 kat
4112 cropalicious
4100 scrappygal
4097 Eat Sleep Scrap
4094 nancy_scraps
4046 michelles

big congrats ladies, you all are so deserving :)
I look forward to working with you all!

Now.. some cute kid pics ;)

almost a 'tween

It's picture day today at school... DD never wants to smile... she takes really great photos when she isn't smiling. Maybe I should QUIT telling her to smile in her school pics?

Meet the Crowe fry family as observed by Samantha
the hot fry family

Posing with her new fam
portrait with the fry family

Brains or ramon? ;)

Samantha & Cameron have been on this kick where they think they don't want to nap. "I'm not tired!" Ok.. so I don't make them nap for two days. Two mornings in a row Samantha awakens to being SO tired that she's peed the bed. On the 2nd day of no naps.. at 4:45pm, Cameron can hold out no longer. Here we see him in daddy's computer chair.
I dunna want no nap!

Yesterday... they napped, and no bed wetting this morning!
It's a good start to the 1st of the month!


  1. Wonderful pics, Leah!
    And why is it that as adults we'd LOVE for someone to put us down for a nap? They'll see how wonderful naps are when they grow up, and then it will be TOO LATE!! MWAH-hahahaha!!

  2. i wish i could nap like that!i love naps ;) thanks for the Congrats so excited can't believe it!!

  3. I love all the pics, except umm...the brains!!!!!!

  4. I love the pictures!!
    yes , I hope the month is a great start off :)

  5. Oh Leah, I love the pic of your daughter in front of the shed! It's fabulous! and I also "heart" those fries, they are one of my fave snacks!

  6. why do they always fight the naps? why? just nap so we can nap!!!! lol or clean house or scrap or just get some peace! lol :) mine never naps on weekends with us, he fights it, although he occasionally takes a nap at daycare. we have to do the car ride things! love the little family pic! thx for the bday wishes, it'll be here on the 20th! i'm bummed u weren't able to make SC! maybe another rally :)

  7. WHOA...that photo of your daughter is stunning!!! Loving the nap pic, too! :)

  8. Thanks for the congrats girl!! love your new banner, did you do it yourself??


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