Saturday, September 20, 2008

new halloween paper

It's finally cooling off in the mornings, and the sun is setting sooner. FALL is right around the corner.. I'm stoked. I usually get re-energized in Autumn. All the crisp smells of the season. The kids love playing outside for a few minutes after sissy and daddy leave for work.
in the hay

look @ me
so it's blurry.. i'll still scrap it! Ü

and lazy kitty

YAY! I finally was able to go out and get some Halloween paper. I bought a K&Co halloween pad. Had a 50% off coupon, so I saved $6. Had hubby with me too, so I made him buy some UTEE for me with his coupon. I've never played with it before, so I'm not sure all I can do with it. I'm interested in creating layers and stamping in it.. and maybe crackling it too.

I have an idea for a Halloween project... I think I'll be using this idea for TSS this month. You'll have to check out their newsletter for October iffin ya wanna see it.

Oh yeah, Rusty Pickle rocks! Finally got my candyland line in... it's SO much flipping fun to use. The bright colors and design are scrumdiddlyumptious! I'd show you what I've done with it, but it's for this ONE THING that's a secret. Don't worry, I'll post more about it in the weeks to come... like 3 weeks at the latest? ;-)

Here's a completed photo of all 20 skele's I made. I'm thinking about putting three in my etsy shop and getting that going. I'm just so unsure what to charge for things... if it's worth the effort of putting them in the store... I'll never know until I try, I know that. ;)

Time to put the little ones in bed..


  1. Good to see you and the kiddos Leah!!

  2. Oh Leah, your kids are growing so much. I sure have missed chatting with you on the boards.

    Those skully's are so cool! I'll definitely be looking at your shop.

    (The blurry photo only really looks blurry around the edges like you edited it that way.)

    ~mom of 6 kids (Donna.)

    ps. you've been tagged. ;)

  3. great photos Leah! And I love your halloween swap goodies! I soooooooo think they'd sell on etsy! Good luck!

  4. those are awesome skulls...and look how big your kids are growing!!!
    you've been tagged.

  5. hey leah... cool skulls. I would think $5 each would be good. fall feels good so far

  6. hey leah... cool skulls. I would think $5 each would be good. fall feels good so far


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