Friday, November 10, 2006

The solar system

it turned out pretty well. In fact, Katelyn did a wonderful job.
Speaking of Katelyn, she's sick. This sickness is going around like wild fire. I've been hearing mom's talking about their children being sick on all the message boards I frequent. Katelyn was up from 12:30 til almost 4 this morning with a headache and vomiting. Poor girl. We kept her home from school today, which means daddy had to take her project to school and turn it in for her. He said they kept looking at him funny, like "why exactly are you here?" LMAO!
It was due today.. don't they understand? LOL

The only thing we did to help was gluing down her astroid belt while she wrote her paragraph about the solar system. Click on the picture to make it larger, the planets are gorgeous!
Oh yeah... I still have *some* halloween stuff not put away yet - one of them is my tablecloth.

I need to get busy printing the rest of my pictures because there is a HUGE cyber crop at Transparent Touches today through Sunday. You should stop by!! If you do, tell them Leah sent you :)

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