Wednesday, November 1, 2006

Halloween's over

It was lots of fun. Samantha really enjoyed herself this year.
I was running behind getting dinner cooked, kids dressed, and out the door to take a picture.
Too late.
Sunlight was gone.
Thank goodness for flash, or not.

Samantha was the cutest thing though. We would go up to a house and she would say "t or tee" all the way up the sidewalk, when we got to the door, she would stand there with her teeny lil bucket. When she got candy, she didn't want to leave.
Just stood there looking. LOL
At this house, there was a beautiful doggy, and Sam wouldn't budge until she got a closer look at "the baby" ;)

Blogger is being a PITA and won't let me upload more pics.
I'll try finishing this later.
============================== later ;)

I love Katelyn's smile in this photo... don't know the person at the door... but like I said, love K's smile :) She went as a fairy.

Samantha getting a goodie. oh so sweet. Mommy's little bumble bee.

Here's Cameron after waking up from a nap. He slept most of the time out, but he did so good. No fussing, even if it was past his bedtime ;) He was my little hound dog.

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