Saturday, July 29, 2006

{Snapshots of Saturday} July 29

Oh what fun!!
Shirley announced the relaunch to {Snapshots of Saturday}, I decided to join in this time.
Ack... I can't load the blinkies like I want to here in the post... I'll shoot you an email later Shirley. grrr!!! Maybe I need a typepad account??

Anyway, on to the fun.
Cam just layed down for a mini nap, that's all this little bundle takes are mini naps.. hehe

Sam and I playing while lil bro slept.

hehe Katelyn heard the noise and came to see what was going on. She decided she didn't WANT any pictures taken... I decided otherwise!!! Here she is trying to H I D E!

haha! Caught ya girl!!!

and some tomatoes...

1 comment:

  1. CUTE pictures of the kids!! Love their smiles.

    the tomatoes look yummy!!


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