Monday, July 24, 2006

3 months

since I've updated? Yikes!

Too bad I haven't kept up here, will be great to look back on if I need journaling about something. Well, the looong story shortened up is this. Doug got fired from his job on May 19th. (total bullshit reason they fired him too) Got a contract job about 3 1/2 weeks later. That lasted six weeks, behind like crazy on our bills, and stressin'. God sees you through though. D got another contract job and started today. More money, a long commute (1 1/2 hours one way), but so worth it until we get FT work again.

I'm still hanging out at Willow Traders and loving it. Wonderful group of women, their so caring and lots of fun to hang with and get to know. I signed up for a best buddy and her name is Shirley. This is a three month commitment, hopefully by the end of that time we will be great buds.

Cameron is growing like a weed last time I weighed him 7 weeks ago he was at 18 lbs! Samantha is at 23lbs. He is my little line backer! I can't wait, just a little while longer and he will be sitting up and then crawling... he's SO close! Samantha will then have a little play mate!

Katelyn just got back from camp last Friday, she was there a week and loved it! She got to ride a horse on her own for the first time, and got to groom the horse she rode, his name was Sargent. Since she's so into horses, this was totally cool for her.

Oh yeah, celebrated my 30th birthday July 3rd. Ouch. I actually didn't take it badly at all, 29 was really hard for me... I'm hoping I will just age gracefully now... lol I got a gob of Scrapbooking goodies, a tote filled with them! My man is a keeper. He gets the reason why I scrap and likes my layouts..

Going to try to stay caught up here better... here's a couple of recent LO's. Click on them to see them larger ;)

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  1. Wow! So much happening!!

    Your litttle ones are so adorable!

    The camp sounds like fun. We have something like that local here that the boys went to when they were younger.

    LOVE the layouts!!


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