Saturday, November 12, 2005

I love brownies

This morning Sam woke me up around 5:15 with the sounds of her thumb sucking and that little whine of hers. I stumble into the kitchen to make a bottle, then grab her and go lie in bed. She ate about two ounces and decided it was time to play. No, mama doesn’t wanna play… mama wants to sleep. She finally settles down and sneaks in 45 more minutes of sleep. She will be still no longer, so we get up and go play.

Katelyn gets up and says we should make bacon and eggs for breakfast. I think that sounds great, so we make it up. Bacon, eggs, English muffins and orange juice... YUM!

Then the day begins. WORK.
Doug put up an attic ladder last weekend, so he calls up my step dad to come over and help us haul some half inch plywood. He laid the plywood down and just has to screw it in so we can use that for holiday storage. He had to move the light for the hallway as well, so we finished that up.

Now, we get to put my pantry in the garage and tear down shelves to make it work. Poor Doug, he was so proud of those shelves last year. He has new air tools though, so I don’t think he will mind rebuilding them. I’ve been playing the grocery game for 4 weeks now, and loving it. We are stocking up nicely on canned goods, toiletries, and saving a ton of money while doing it, therefore, the need for my pantry in the shop.

At the end of the day, nothing makes you feel better than some comfort food, and my choice of the day is brownies. I made a double batch and their in the oven now. We are going to get some chinese take out and eat brownies in a little bit… I can’t wait!

I love brownies!!!!

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